Farnborough Swimming Club

The angelfish awards include personal survival skills, while building on stroke technique and swimming distances. In the angelfish awards there is an introduction of swimming with clothes, which helps build stamina of the swimmer and how to cope with clothing while swimming. By the end of angelfish three, candidates will be able to demonstrate:

  • Be rescued by catching a rope.
  • Perform a straddle entry and tread water for 30 seconds whilst wearing a T-shirt. Remove T-shirt and climb out unassisted. Performed in at least chest deep water.
  • Perform head first and feet first surface dives.
  • Scull feet first 10 metres then head first for 10 metres.
  • Swim 25 metres back crawl incorporating a correct finish.
  • Swim 25 metres of a recognised front stroke, incorporating a correct finish.
  • Swim 20 metres of a different recognised front stroke, incorporating a correct finish.
  • Swim 5 metres butterfly.
  • Start in a crouch position in the water, spring up, pike and glide to the bottom of the pool, place both hands on the bottom and assume a handstand; performed in chest deep water.

The shark awards build on the personal survival skills learnt in the angelfish awards and continue to get swimmers to swim longer distances, up to 100 metres. On completion, candidates will be able to:

  • Swim at least 100 metres on their front and back
  • Perform all four competition strokes
  • Perform a an additional two strokes
  • Swim in a t-shirt and shorts
  • Perform rescue and survival skills
  • Perform a competitive dive from the poolside