Farnborough Swimming Club

The octopus badge series is the first award that swimmers can achieve. There are three levels of varying difficulty and are designed to gain confidence on standard strokes, such as front/back crawl and breast stroke. The octopus award is also designed to give knowledge on swimming pool safety, including entering safely and water safety.
Once swimmers have completed octopus one, candidates will be able to:

-Answer two water safety questions.                                               -Perform a sit and swivel entry.
-Push and glide on the front and swim 2 metres; pupil’s choice.          -Swim on the back for 5 metres.
-Push and glide on the back and swim 2 metres backstroke.              -Fully submerge beneath surface.
-Swim on the front for 5 metres; pupil’s choice.                               -Scull headfirst for 3 metres.
-Hold the rail and breathe rhythmically for 6 cycles.                       -Identify objects under water.
-Perform a mushroom float.

The goldfish award builds on skills learnt in the octopus award and increases distances, stamina and stroke progression. Once swimmers have completed Goldfish three, candidates will be able to:

-Answer two water safety questions.
-Perform two different types of entries, tread water for 15 seconds each time; performed in chest deep water.
-Swim 15 metres backstroke.
-Swim 15 metres of a recognised front stroke; pupil’s choice.
-Swim 10 metres holding a float under each arm using life saving backstroke leg kick.
-Swim 5 metres dolphin leg kick on front or back.
-Push and glide on the surface, pike sharply and assume a handstand with both hands on the bottom of the pool; performed in chest deep water.
-Perform a horizontal float on the back and hold for 5 seconds roll on to the front hold for 5 seconds, roll to the original back float position and hold for 5 seconds