Farnborough Swimming Club

For many years, the Swimming Teachers Association (STA) have operated an incentive based swimming skills scheme, and millions of children worldwide have learned to swim using this system.

 At Farnborough Swimming Club, we recognise that pupils learn to swim and progress at varying paces, and we have found this particular system with its five different progressive schemes (four of which are interlinked) works well with the pool space and hours available for teaching. Alongside this, we integrate the Seal awards to introduce the pupils to survival techniques. The swimming teachers may have slightly different methods of achieving the standard required, but at no stage is safety or teaching standards comprimised. The pupils will be introduced to new skills, reinforce those learned in previous awards, and develop new techniques, stamina and understanding.

After the pupils have completed all of the STA award stages, we offer a small speed class where awards from the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) and the British Schools Swimming Awards can be earned. Pupils may then progress onto Royal Lifesaving Society (RLSS) lifesaving award, RLSS Survive and Save.
More information on the awards available from the STA can be found on their website here